Final payment may be made after the completion of the final cleaning phase of the construction, provided that the installation or construction of the equipment, deck planks or fences prescribed in the contract has also been completed. Once the agreement is signed and approved, any changes will extend or cancel the completion period. Changes can increase the cost of the project and should be paid in full if you both agree on them. We`ve all heard it before, "You have to have it in writing." This is especially true when it comes to installing a swimming pool. You will need a contract that sets out the terms of use, the equipment used, as well as the terms of payment and timelines of the project. This is a good strategy to make sure your client understands the contract – sometimes a client may be keen to simply start instead of combing through the contract. When it comes to building your dream pool, hiring a professional is essential. If you work with a professional, it is in your interest (and theirs) to sign a contract. Here`s what you should look for in your pool construction contract. One of the most important things you need to make sure it is included in your pool contract is the payment terms. When you`re running an expensive, time-consuming project, you don`t want to leave anything in the air.

Note: A treatment guarantee would cover problems that might arise, such as. B, pool movements, plumbing leaks, structural problems with the patio, etc. The minimum treatment guarantee is legally one year in most states. Adding a custom pool to your garden requires your contractor to use heavy equipment and various materials. From machines, pipes, concrete fillings, tiles and interior equipment, there is a lot of equipment that must be used during this project. In your contract, provide details about rental prices, state costs, as well as all materials used for flooring, decoration and cleaning. Creating a custom pool will take some time. It`s not a job that can be done in just a day or two. Nevertheless, you should have an idea of the duration of the project so as not to wonder if the project will ever be completed.

The schedule should include the start date of the project and the number of business days it takes builders to do everything. Make sure that the working days are clearly defined in the contract. This will help avoid any confusion if the construction company sees the working days from Monday to Friday, but you expected them to work on weekends as well. The clear definition of payment terms – and the presentation of how disputes are resolved – is one of the most important parts of the pool construction contract. Your contract should require a complete diagram of your pool design in detail with size, dimensions, depth, water play fields as well as sanitary drains and everything included in the pool design. You must also specify the materials used in the pool project. Again, be specific. In addition to what the pool will look like and its size, the contract should include a detailed description of all the services that will be included. This includes the required permits, where the pool will be built, and the installation requirements you have. The more details, the better. This will help avoid confusion when building your pool.

If your dream pool is built in your garden, you will need to use heavy equipment and various types of materials. All equipment and materials used during the project must be included in the contract, para. B example sanitary pipes, tiles, concrete and surfaces, as well as the equipment used to dig up the floor and install the pool. The prices of all equipment and materials should also be indicated so that you know exactly what you are paying and how much to expect. Document the pool location, size, shape, specific installation requirements, and other design details. You must also attach the plan or drawing and refer to it in the agreement if necessary. Note: If the pool builder provides less than half of its customers as references, we consider this a red flag. In our experience, the vast majority of people, when asked, are ready to be on a reference list. Providing less than half of customers as referrals, in our opinion, equates to less than a 50% chance of being happy in the end. If you want to see a variety of design examples, take a look at our fiberglass pool designs. Note: 43% of contractors fail in the first three years after ProTip goes live: Rain, wind and other extreme weather events can affect pool construction days.

Add information about bad weather in the pool contract. We hope you find this useful in your search for the perfect pool builder. If the owner has pets or children, he should be responsible for protecting them from damage during construction, so include them in the agreement. __ Overall, the pool builder has at least a 5:1 ratio good rating to bad rating Does the pool builder have any installation or construction practices that set it apart from the competition? _______ For example, the document may indicate that a day when there is a 50% chance of rain or more represents bad weather and does not count as a business day. While you may want your pool to be finished as soon as possible, these types of contingencies protect the construction business and help ensure the quality of the pool of your dreams. Our unique installation methodology literally locks your pool in place. Whether you want to take advantage of bulk loans or pay in cash, your contract should include payment terms. This is beneficial for you and the company. You know what to expect when it comes to when you need to make payments, and the company resorts if you don`t make your payments. Again, the clearer this section of the contract, the better it is for both parties. They thought a lot and planned and finally decided to get a pool.

However, building a pool isn`t exactly a DIY project. This requires a considerable amount of knowledge about security features, local code regulations, proper permits, and how to build a pool. Before we can begin regular pool maintenance, we need to make sure that your pool is in good condition and is both clean and chemically balanced. Therefore, your initial service will be charged at an hourly rate of hourly rate plus chemical costs.. .