I have already downloaded that you are a very useful guide for residents and non-residents and I was amazed at what I should do, but I was not informed by our current provider. Therefore, we want your business to communicate directly with us before annual tax matters in 2021. IVTM Impuesto sobre Vehículos de Tracción Mecánica is the Spanish equivalent of what we call the car tax in the UK. Almost all vehicles circulating on public roads in Spain are subject to this tax, which is managed and levied locally by the City Council. Hello we have just come to Spain since February 2020. We brought a car to Spain in December 2019. I do not know if there are taxes and how I can understand it. I hope that is the case, but if not, how can I get some. We will return to the UK on 4 October 2020.

I hope you can help us. Are there discounts for drivers with disabilities? In the UK, disabled drivers pay no vehicle tax Is there a similar system in Spain and what should you do? In Hungary, since 2009, this tax has been based on the engine power of the vehicle and the age of the vehicle. Before this so-called performance tax, this tax was based on the weight of the vehicle and was unofficially called the weight tax. [Citation needed] I have a rather unexpected bill in my hands – I bought a car in Spain in 2007 and when I returned to the UK in 2010, I drove the car back and then had it imported on the UK licence plates. At that time, I was no longer thinking about the car being registered in Spain, and I expected that this import process would automatically deregister the car in Spain, since we are all part of the EU. Now, 7 years after the car was imported and taxed in the UK, I was on holiday in Spain and went to the local town hall to find out what our property taxes and garbage taxes were as they needed to be updated. In addition, I was presented with an invoice of 1500 euros in tax on backdated vehicles! We do not receive mail about our property as it is extremely rural and no one lives there, but the car was originally registered against this address. I brought the documents and proof that the car was in the UK and taxed here since 2010 to a local gestor, but I was told that because we did not tell the authorities that the car was leaving Spain, they will have to pay these taxes and they will continue to charge a fee until the car is written off there.

it doesn`t matter if the car is on UK license plates in the UK or not. Do you have any ideas? It seems ridiculous that in the EU, a car is taxed in two countries at the same time, but no idea how to question that. I am told that ignorance of the law is not an excuse. If I have a 40-year-old Triumph deer on an English plate, what do I need to do to register it? IVTM Impuesto sobre Vehículos de Tracción Mecánica is a Spanish motor vehicle tax that corresponds to what we call a motor vehicle tax in the United Kingdom. This 2007 Volkswagen Golf has a large turbocharged diesel engine that also meets EURO 4 emission standards, offering a slightly cleaner 143 g/km. The most powerful engine is rated at 13.90 control horsepower and pushes the car into the most expensive tax class 3. If you buy a used car in Spain, there is a vehicle tax on the change of ownership. This tax is called Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales Onerosas, OR ITP for short. The rate paid depends on the original replacement value of the car, the current age and performance of the vehicle (Calculo de la Potencia Fiscal – CVF). When the car has been changed to Spanish license plates, the Gestoria/Solicitor should have this configuration to yourself, it would be better to go with your vehicle documents and passport to your local town hall where you can check the tax on the car and what is outstanding. My son bought a car in the region of Murcia in Spain, we go through the process of name change in the meantime the suma is due, we live there in a licensed region, we try to tax the car, everyone we talk to says that the last owner should tax it, because he should tax the car on 1. In January, the last owner returned to the UK and doesn`t want to know what we can do instead, it is calculated according to a standard introduced in the UK in 1910 by the RAC and called fiscal power, and cars are divided into five bands by performance, from the least powerful and cheapest taxable cars, to the most powerful vehicles, whose taxation costs more each year.

The difference in the cost of the Spanish car tax for the Volkswagen is slightly less dramatic, costing £165.00 (€186.00) for one year in the UK, €293.00 per year in Germany and €106.20 for the tax at La Zenia on the Costa Orihuela. Hello, my father-in-law bought a small car in the area of La Zenia in 2007, he thought that the car tax was included in his annual insurance, which we now know it was not, so the car was never taxed, he is non-resident and sold his property about 3 years ago and now goes to my property and still owns the car and continues to the driving, if he goes to Spain, I am also a non-resident, what is the best and cheapest way to clarify this, the car would now be worth about 2000 €.hope that everything makes sense, thank you. In Spain, it is called Impuesto Sobre Vehículos de Tracción Mecánica (IVTM). The amount owed depends on the type of vehicle you own, the region in which it was registered and the service it has. For those who live in the Alicante area, an agency called Suma handles the collection of vehicle taxes. Going directly to Suma`s website will give you an indication of how much car tax you are likely to pay. This works regardless of whether you live in the Alicante area and whether or not they are the responsible agency. This site is also in English if your Spanish is not up to date. Nowadays, there is a movement in India called "Digital India" in which every type of work related to each department is digitized, and the "Ministry of Road Traffic and Highways" has created a portal called "Vahan" for online payment of road taxes to alleviate the pain of paying taxes to the government in offline mode. It is a very smooth experience to pay such taxes at home and save time. [10] Motor vehicle tax (called vehicle tax) is calculated based on a variety of factors, including engine displacement, seat capacity, curb weight and cost price.

Each state has different rules and regulations for collecting vehicle tax. In addition, in some states, counties and/or municipalities are also allowed to levy a tax on motor vehicles. For example, Cook County, Illinois taxes vehicles registered in unincorporated areas, and a number of municipalities have their own annual vehicle registration fees. [which ones?] [Citation needed] In Massachusetts, excise tax is charged separately from the registration fee by the city where the vehicle is registered and set by a 1980 law called Proposition 21/2 at a fixed rate of 2.5% nationwide. In some states, fees may vary from county to county, as some counties have surcharges per vehicle. An example of this is the Virginia Personal Wealth Tax. [Citation needed] The State of New York, on the other hand, levies a tax based on the weight of the vehicle and not on its value, which is levied at the time of renewal of registration. [33] I bought a Spanish car in Andalusia in 2015, moved to Murcia in 2019 and paid the car tax for that year through my bank in Murcia. I was at my local town hall just to register with the Padron.Do I also need to register my car with the Padron? If so, what documents do I need to provide? Thank you very much. www.caserexpatinsurance.com/car-insurance-spain In Spain you can get a vehicle report called Informe de Vehiculos in Spanish.

I was told some time ago that as a non-profit resident I would not have to pay tax on my car, I did not receive any letter on the ta,x, but now I am told that I should pay the tax to sell, I had the car 2 years, what should I do and what will happen As with the previous ones, You should check the condition and documentation of your vehicle. Backdated taxes are due, and you need to clarify whatever the issue is so that your bill reaches you in the future. There is another thing to keep in mind, and that is that if under the license of the British Road Fund is what it costs to drive on British roads, in Spain, on many motorways (autopistas), you also have to pay a small toll for the privilege of using the motorway. Diesel y Gasolina – This is a great website with a number of tools including where to find your nearest ITV test station, the cheapest local petrol prices and a handy tool that tells you what your IVTM will be for each vehicle and region in Spain – www.dieselogasolina.com/calcular-precio-impuesto-circulacion-ivtm.html The "Dirección General de Carreteras" is responsible for the Spanish road infrastructure. .